A closer look at some selected work:

Science of The Deep : THE SCIENCE CHANNEL

Science of the Deep 0ne
This 6-part series, produced by David Clark, Inc. explores earth’s mysterious underwater frontier using cutting-edge science technology in a series of underwater research expeditions. Viewers travel deep into the ocean’s trenches to explore and examine little known mysteries of the sea.

Series highlights include hydrothermal vents, predatory jellyfish, primitive
bacteria ( earth’s earliest? ) and the quest to bioprospect the ocean’s vast
life forms in search of compounds to help treat and cure disease. Computer animation shows methane gas in earth’s strata, how bacteria metabolize methane, how coral polyps grow into reefs, and the vast
vertical sea life migration that happens every evening after the sun sets .

Enduring Traditions: THE GRAMMY MUSEUM

little richard 2

Jannis Productions, working with GTOO Media, a division of Gallagher and
Associates, directed and produced four exhibit films for the Grammy Museum.
These particular films showcase America’s unique musical traditions: folk and roots, popular music, jazz, gospel. Four exhibit areas, dedicated to each genre, are lined with unique artifacts and oversize imagery. In each film, archival performance footage, vintage musical clips, and interviews with musical artists and historians invite visitors to discover and learn more about each musical genre.

Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame


Jannis Productions, working with Cortina Productions, designed and produced several exhibit films for the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. This image, taken from the design comp, shows the concept of mixing live-action, stills, and archival Imagery to create a visually dynamic portrait of the sport’s beginnings in 1898.